Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last code of 2006...

*sniff* There goes another year, man do I feel old now. Well, almost...couple of hours left I guess.

I've just updated my uploader ROM to fix some minor issues, and to add a loading bar. Its great to have programming space to burn! When I was coding it, I kept it as small as possible so that anyone typing it in by hand didn't have too much to do. But now its on ROM and doesn't even have to fit in the small space I'd use before, I can splurge on visuals a bit. Nothing too much, just the loading bar from the C64 one. I might add more features later on. I was also testing my new EPROM UV eraser which I guess works fine as the new code went on easily enough.

I hope to get a couple of 16K EPROM's soon and I'll put OS96 on it so I can do some stuff for Solder.

Lets hope we have as much fun next year as we did this, it looks like being a very busy one for me at work, so I hope I can find the time to finish XeO3 - I think 2007 could be the year!! Have a great new year peeps!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!
Congratulations for the great effort you are making, and I hope this year will be at least good as 2006 for XEO3 :)

p.s.My retro programming time was also eatan away by a reallife job, so I plan to reserve time for this "hobby" of ours :)


Anonymous said...

2007 will be TEH YEAR!!111!
Nonono, muh more serious: 2007 will be the right year for XeO3.