Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunny days ahead...

We had a day in the garden yesterday, giving the grass its first cut - which as usual takes a couple of hours, and doing some odds and ends. The kids and I also painted the wendy house a nice bright blue. I couldn't find the colours I was after at B&Q so we just mixed what they had, came out pretty good. Im going to draw some puffy clouds around the base and paint them white which should look fairly nice. The kids had great fun painting it with me. Im not sure what ended up more blue, the shed or them.
They were off at Grandads today, and he picked up gran as well and they all went to the beach. I put down some weedkiller and kicked back and watched some T.V. After a full day out and about yesterday I felt like a relaxing day before I head into work tomorrow. Everyone else is off on holiday, but I dont have the days to spare so...
Should be good fund tomorrow, as I start on the threading stuff for real. I was laying the ground work and rearanging the code a bit on Friday, so now I can actually start coding it.
I asked Russ to do a mini code-review on Andrews code as I suspect that his opinion will be respected more than mine. The problem with not being "Mr C++" is that not many people respect your code, which I find irritating beyond belief. In fact it pisses me off quite a bit, probably because the people who tend to do that, usually don't code in the real world, and are too deep into whats "proper" rather than whats right and what's best. At my review Luke said that my code wasn't designed properly and wasn't maintainable, which I personally find to be rubbish, since I've always managed to maintain my code and do whatever I need with it. The review was done ages ago and still pee's me off a bit, and Im not sure if its over the stuff that was right, or the stuff thats was wrong.

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