Friday, November 02, 2018

#CSpect 2.0!!

So I'm very pleased to announce the release of #CSpect! A port of CSpect to C#!

This version runs under .NET and so is fully cross platform running under Windows, OSX and Linux using the Mono runtime. So finally Mac and Linux users can have access CSpect for developing ZX Spectrum Next games.

Windows - You will need the latest .NET, and openAL ( )
Linux - You will need the full MONO (on ubuntu do "apt-get install mono-devel" )
OSX - You will need the latest mono from

Windows - CSpect.exe [options] game.sna/game.nex
Linux - mono ./CSpect.exe [options] game.sna/game.nex
OSX - mono ./CSpect.exe [options] game.sna/game.nex

There are a few things not yet in/finished for this version.

  • Gamepads
  • Some esxDOS functions (F_FSTAT, F_STAT, M_GETDATE)
  • 128K SNA files are not currently loading
  • File dialog (F2) will not work on OSX due to windows Forms not working in x64 mode in mono.
  • Mouse is not currently implemented.
  • Due to the way openAL appears to work, things aren't as smooth as i'd like. Disabling audio (using -sound) will smooth out movement for now...
  • Probably a few more things....

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