Sunday, September 16, 2018

CSpect 1.18

Changes to the debugger. This allows you set breakpoints using the physical address, allowing you to set breakpoints in code not yet paged in. This allows for simpler debugging of proper overlay code.
Also, if your using another assembler, you can use the new -16bit command line to use logical addresses only.

CSpect changes
  • added -16bit to use only the logical address of the MAP file
  • Execution Breakpoints are now set in physical address space. A HEX number or SHIFT+F9 will set a logical address breakpoint. This means you can now set breakpoints on code that is not banked in yet.
  • Next mode enabled when loading a .NEX file

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Unknown said...

Hi Mike do you have a symble file showing the new format when using code overlays. Ive got it working from $8000 to $9fff but when I add my code into new banks and page them in they don't show up in CSpect 1.18? I'm trying to convert sjasmpro sum file to map file to works with CSpect. Do I just need to give them absalut address or do I need to give it the MMU slot number Cheers pete