Saturday, November 10, 2018

#CSpect 2.1.0

In this release I add back in Mouse and Gamepads. I've tested both on Windows, but not on OSX and Linux, so if someone can give that a go and let me know, I'd be grateful.

I've also fixed the bug when esxDOS is trying to save that was crashing things.
EDIT: Also fixed a bug in sprite palettes that was causing a crash

I'll leave the install and running in this post, but it'll vanish next post.

Windows - You will need the latest .NET, and openAL ( )
Linux - You will need the full MONO (on ubuntu do "apt-get install mono-devel" )
OSX - You will need the latest mono from

Windows - CSpect.exe [options] game.sna/game.nex
Linux - mono ./CSpect.exe [options] game.sna/game.nex
OSX - mono ./CSpect.exe [options] game.sna/game.nex

There are a few things not yet in/finished for this version.

  • Some esxDOS functions (F_FSTAT, F_STAT, M_GETDATE)
  • 128K SNA files are not currently loading
  • File dialog (F2) will not work on OSX due to windows Forms not working in x64 mode in mono.
  • Due to the way openAL appears to work, things aren't as smooth as i'd like. Disabling audio (using -sound) will smooth out movement for now...


Marcela said...

29 years? Wow that's a very long time.

Anonymous said...

AVIRA is blocking cspect.exe (Windows 7) because of HEUR/Cloud signature.
Anything known for this, can it be ignored?
kind regards from Dieter

(tested with AVIRA Antivirus in actual version (2018-Dec-14)