Tuesday, September 26, 2017

CSpect V1.0!!

Okay, big update this one - so now declaring version 1.0! (coz why the hell not...)

  • Startup and shut down crash should be fixed
  • You can now use register names in the debugger evaluation ("M HL" instead of "M $1234", "BC HL" etc.)
  • G to disassemble from address
  • -sound to disable audio
  • Timing fixed when no sound active.
  • -resid to enable loading and using of the reSID DLL. Note: not working yet - feel free to try and fix it! :)
  • -exit to enable "EXIT" opcode of "DD 00"
  • -brk to enable "BREAK" opcode of "DD 01"
  • -esc to disable ESCAPE exit key (use exit opcode, close button or ALT+F4 to exit)
  • Fixed the Kempston Mouse interface, now works like the hardware.
  • Next registers are now readable (as per hardware)
  • local labels beginning with ! or . will now be stripped properly
  • Pressing CONTROL will release the mouse
  • Right shift is now also "Symbol shift"
  • 3xAY audio added - many thanks to Matt Westcott (gasman) https://github.com/gasman/libayemu
  • Timex Hicolour added
  • Timex Hires added
  • Lowest bit of BLUE can now be set
  • SHIFT+ENTER will set the PC to the current "user bar" address
  • Raster interrupts via Next registers $22 and $23
  • MMU memory mapping via NextReg $50 to $57
  • Source for ay.dll and resid.dll included (feel free to fix reSID.DLL!)
  • You can now specify the window size with -w1, -w2, -w3 and -w4(default). If winow is less than 3x then the debugger is not available
  • Cursor keys are now mapped to 5678 (ZX spectrum cursor)
  • Backspace now maps to LeftShift+0 (delete)
  • DMA now available! Simple block transfer (memory to memory, memory to port, port to memory)
  • SpecDrum sample interface included. Port $ffdf takes an 8 bit signed value and is output to audio. (not really tested)
  • Added the lowres demo (press 1+2 to switch demo)
  • Updated Mouse demo and added Raster Interrupts
  • Added DMA demo
  • Added 3xAY demo by Purple Motion.


Bipboi said...

Doe CSpect support clipping


Brian Long said...

This is great.