Sunday, August 27, 2017

CSpect V0.9 released

Update to handle the new (updated) ULANext spec. Other changes listed below....

register 20 ($14) Global transparency colour added (defaults to $e3)
regisrer 7 Turbo mode selection implemented.
Fixed 28Mhz to 14,7,3.5 transition.
ULANext mode updated to new spec  (see
LDPIRX added


Bagpuss said...

Cool. I've been using 0.8 to test layer 2 scrolling. For some reason today cspect just started crashing on start up when passing in an SNA file.
I've started it up without an SNA file but then it immediately closes when pressing F2. Net result, won't load any .sna files any more. Very peculiar. 0.9 seems to be doing the same.

Tried win 7 compatibilty settings and the usual "turn it off and turn it back on again" but to no avail.

Unknown said...

Hi there and thanks for this great tool!

Quick question: how many 16k memory banks does CSpect support in zxnext mode? Also, is there a list somewhere which of those are already in use (apart from probably the standard 0, 2 and 5)?

Many thanks again!