Tuesday, January 02, 2018

CSpect V1.1 release

This one has been sitting in bits for a while, so I thought I'd finish it up and release it.
This version has cut down on the extended opcodes and is now using the (reduced) final list.

  • Fixed a bug in delete key in debugger not working
  • Fixed Raster line IRQ so they now match the hardware
  • Fixed a bug in 128K SNA file loading
  • Fixed a bug in moving the memory window around using SHIFT key(s)
  • Removed SID support :(
  • Added auto speed throttling. While rendering the screen, if the speed is over 7Mhz, it will drop to 7Mhz. (*approximated)
  • Removed extra CPU instructions which are now defuct. (final list below)
  • MUL is now D*E=DE (8x8 bit = 16bit)
  • Current Next reg (via port $243b is now shown) in debugger
  • Current 8K MMU banks are now shown in debugger
  • CPU TRACE added to debugger view (see keys below) ( only when in 4x screen size mode)
  • Copper support added. Note: unlike hardware, changes will happen NEXT scanline.
  • Layer 2 Clip Window support added (Reg 24)
  • Sprite Clip Window support added (Reg 25)
  • ULA Clip Window support added (Reg 26)
  • LOWRES Clip Window support added (Reg 26)
  • Layer 2 2x palettes added
  • Sprite 2x palettes added
  • ULA 2x palettes added
  • Register $243b is now readable
NOTE: SNASM now requires "opt ZXNEXTREG" to enable the "NextReg" opcode


Unknown said...

Hi I'm trying to use snam 1.1 with this line "snasm -zxnextreg -map main.asm dist/main.sna"
but it dosnt like the next commands ldix and nextreg.
Do i need to add anything else to the options ?


Mike said...

Look at the examples/manual. You need to use OPT in the asm file now....

Unknown said...

Cheers :)

Unknown said...

I dont seem to get boarder colour changes anymore :(

Bipboi said...