Friday, February 23, 2007

HiDef heaven....

I've been looking at the HD-DVD releases and Im pretty disappointed so far. Most are just old films that have stinking quality anyway, which are pointless to take onto HD-DVD. Sure you get some parts a little crisper, but the picture is still grainy and horrible. In fact, theres only a few films you should ever buy on HD-DVD and a couple of rules that I'm following when making a purchase.

1) Film must be bright. This might seem like an odd one but its the most important. If I buy a dark film (like a space sci-fi, or horror) I never see the extra pixels/quality as its so dark, its completely lost. This goes for all films, even those shot in HIDEF. I have Serenity on DVD and HD-DVD, and the ONLY bits you notice, are the 3 or 4 sections in bright sunlight. Every other scene could be from a DVD.

2) Dont buy old films. A DVD version is cheaper, and the quality is just as good - unless your an absolute NUT for pixels, you simply won't notice! Id say any film after 2000-2002 is a good candidate. Before that....its touch and go.

3) CG cartoons are GREAT in HiDef. Films like Shrek 2, ToyStory, Cars, Finding Nemo etc. Are all amazing looking in Hi-Def.

4) and lastly, until the price drops and you simply cant get DVD's any more.... only buy new films, don't rebuy a film just because its in HIDEF unless its a real showpiece. Its simply not worth it.

And before anyone says well Im not a film buff...I love films, but after watching a new HIDEF film on my new 50" plasma then having my wife say "I didn't see any difference", I have to agree a little at least. There are some GREAT showpieces (usually the HIDEF demos), but for the most part... DVD's (especially progressive scan) are just fine.

I had a brief play last night with my scrolly message after I'd charged up my battery and its still failing. Although now I think it might be to do with the power regulator. Its getting very hot and Im wondering if perhaps its overloading and failing. This would make sense to what Im seeing, and the fact that if I leave it alone for a while it works again for a little. I'll have to try and source a regulator with a higher thresh-hold for testing that out.

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