Saturday, September 30, 2006

After having been hard at work *ahem* doing the demo, I'm, having a nice relaxing day today. I've been sitting here scanning the old Zzap64 site and reading Braybrook's Morpheus diary again. I remember when it first came out, I was rivited! Actually reading day-to-day delveopment was great - this was before I was doing it myself of course. Great fun re-reading it, although some of it now seems a bit silly, but it was obviously designed to be read by non-professionals, and was well written for that. I've also been playing with my MMC64 (a card that plug into a C64 that lets it read+write MMC cards.), and its been great seeing some of the old demos+games again. I can also use it as a SID player while I work! Cool!

Seeing the power of the C64 again really makes me want to port the game over to it, theres SOOOO much more that could be done if I had Hardware sprites. More characters, more animations - more space in general!! Oh well... one thing at a time.... I might play with a multiplexor sometime soon though....just for fun.

Oh well, back to work I guess. Time to implement the new sprite group system, and add a couple of new commands for Luca (who's now learning how to use the scripting system). He needs SETFLAG <flag> and CLEARFLAG <flag> to allow some effects for certain alien types and shouldn't take long to add in. I've also decided I don't need STOPGROUP since you have to set a flag for it to be IN a group anyway, so if you dont want to be in a group, just don't set the flag!

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