Sunday, October 23, 2022

#CSpect 2.16.6

#CSpect V2.16.6 changes

This version has been sitting on my machine for a while, so decided to fix a couple more things and chuck it out.
  • Regs $6e and $6f set to newer defaults, reading should also be fixed.
  • F_SEEK in esxDOS emulation now takes IXL (instead of L) for the offset type.
  • Hires tile maps now scroll properly - and at the right speed
  • 640 L2 mode now clips in the lower screen properly.
  • Command line will now try and detect what your doing, so passing in
    an SD card image will setup the proper options, same for NEX files etc.
    "CSPect.exe card.img" or "CSpect.exe game.nex" is now valid
  • Plugin "CSpect.Debugger(eDebugCommand.Enter)" now triggers on the next instruction, not a frame later.
  • NextRegister 2 - hard reset, should now work.
  • F3 now does a full hard reset, so should be far more dependable.