Tuesday, May 24, 2022

#CSpect V2.16.5

#CSpect V2.16.4 changes

Very quick version to allow people to load older SD card versions, and older version of the ROM.
  • Now detects older Next ROM image files and will auto-disable the divMMC auto mapping so they still work


Mattsteel said...

Using the old version V2.12.36, I decided to upgrad to the latest version V2.16.5.
It seems F3-key can't complete the "reset" anymore, instead it remains in a blocked state showing vertical black and magenta stripes, so I have to kill the emulator entirely.
Is there any chance F3 can work as before ?

Andrew Seed said...

Couple of things

in snasm.rtf
V3.1.01 - December 6th 2022
Fixed bug with LD A,(IX-??) and LD A,(IY-??)

Is this forward planning ??


ifdef IS_SNA
opt sna=start:StackStart


C:\ZX\z80\snasm\player.s(9) error Symbol not defined - IS_SNA

You get the same even if you add the define on commandline -d IS_SNA

The defines do not appear in the map file but adding

undefine IS_SNA

does work

Andrew Seed said...

Seem like visual code was making a commandline of

Executing task: c:/zx/Cspect2_16_5/snasm.exe '-d IS_nex' -map player.s player.nex

by tweaking it to get rid of the quotes ( due to a space )

c:/zx/Cspect2_16_5/snasm.exe -d IS_nex -map player.s player.nex

SNasm V3.1.1 (c) Copyright 1999-2020 Mike Dailly
All rights reserved.

Unhandled Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
at A.h.b(String )
at A.h.A(String[] )
at A.h.a(String[] )

Andrew Seed said...

seg STNICC_SEG, $30:$0000,$0000 ; Beast man sprites;

db 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
incbin "scene1.bin"

__2: equ Bank(_1)
__1: equ (_1 & $1fff)
__0: equ BankOffset(_1)

error Illegal opcodes are not enabled, opcode "(" found

Unknown said...

Evening All, Have an oddity... I've connected CSpect to my Bluetooth Games Controller - A Steelseries - all works as expected except... The Y-Axis is inverted on all games played. This has happened on some but not all emulators Ive used the controller on.
Is there any configuration setting that I can change to invert the Y-Axis?
Currently Down is Up and Up is Down, Left/Right are as expected.
Thank you.

#CSpect Start
Next ROM enabled
Dezog Plugin: v2.1.0.35909 started. DZRP v2.0.0.
Dezog Plugin: Waiting for a connection on port 11000 (localhost)...
Joystick added: 0
{Axes: 4; Buttons: 8; Hats: 0; IsConnected: True}

Muckypaws said...

Have another oddity with CSpect, trying to play the Game GRELOX: Contagion which is written in Next BASIC : https://sunteam.itch.io/grelox-contagion

However the emulator crashes on the level select screen, just freezes. Tried this on ZEsarUX that works but runs extremely slowly, but works on real hardware.

Thanks in advance.

Muckypaws said...

The following command in BASIC cause CSPECT To reset or the emulator to crash.

LAYER 2,1 : LAYER ERASE 0,0,256,192

Andrew Seed said...


2021-09-16: figuring out the hard way, the three Z80N instructions `ADD HL/DE/BC,A` actually do NOT preserve carry flag, but change it to undefined value (verified with core 3.1.5). There's also strong suspicion (but not verified yet), that LDIX/LDDX/LDIRX/LDDRX/LDPIRX do affects flags the same way as LDI/LDIR - to be verified.

CSpect does not change the carry flag.

Ped7g said...

Andrew Seed: :shrug: ... "undefined" means any value, not changing carry is technically correct, although changing it randomly would probably help to catch coders who are unaware of this and expect carry to be preserved.