Tuesday, March 29, 2022

#CSpect V2.15.2

#CSpect V2.15.2 changes

Updated so that the very latest OS now works by adding new Next Registers $B8-$BB, along with a few updates, changes and fixes.
Also please note, if you take over the "whole" machine to haved a full RAM machine, you will now need to set registers $B8-$BB to be able to jump to address $0000, or the DivMMC may well page in.
  • DeZogPlugin added to main distro so it remains upto date.
  • Added stackless NMI support
  • Reset register $02 added
  • Added NextRegs $B8 to $BB for DivMMC direct paging control
  • Current ROM and DivMMC registers added to rewind history
  • F6 now cycles through turbo speed settings
  • F5 Now takes a screen shot (was on CTRL+F3)
  • Fixed a rendering glitch when estimates for the right HBlank timing are "missed" and the line isn't drawn.
  • -log_cpu removed. Rewind probably replaces the need for this.
  • Updated RST$08 read/write to return values in BC,HL and DE as described in NextZXOS
  • Layer 2 banks can now be in the full 2Mb (regs $12 and $13)
  • Parallax demo updated to work with new $B8-$BA registers


Hendrikk said...

Thank you for the new version.

Darren said...

This is great, is there any possibility of a version of this to run on xbox similar to retroarch?

Michael said...

Thank you for the update!
It looks like this version doesn't work with the same Spectrum Next images that the previous version worked with? I'm trying these files and the new version only shows a black screen with purple bars on it: http://zxspectrumnext.online/
The change log references a new version of TDBlue distribution but I don't see one released e.g. at specnext.com... What am I missing? Is there an instruction as to how to get the new version to boot up in Next mode?

P.S. I tried reverting back to the previous version and I can confirm that it works with those same images referenced above without any issue.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...


you need to update the SD-Card/SD-Card-Image yourself with the files from: https://gitlab.com/thesmog358/tbblue/-/tree/master

Michael said...

Thanks a lot, that helped!

Anonymous said...

Seems there is a funny going on with rewind. If you use shift F7 to rewind (which used to be the key) it zeroes the registers and sets PC to $0000. I tried using just the command "cspect -rewind" and after pressing F1 then shift f7 it jumped to $000

Anonymous said...

Top add to the rewind, it did work in V2.15.1 fine as I've just reverted back