Tuesday, December 07, 2021

#CSpect V2.15.1

#CSpect V2.15.1 changes

  • Fixed SD card access - SpecNext IMG files now boot again

#CSpect V2.15.0 changes

Some fixes and a couple of new open source extension.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to get file info on a file that can't be found (or opened)
  • Fixed ULA colour 3 (where colours are 0-15) on a loaded NEX file.
  • Fixed Border colour when ULA Palette scale set to 255, but ULANext mode is disabled
  • All RST $08 operations have been moved to a new open source extension esxDOS.dll - lightly tested
  • Added Copper Read/Write to extension system - allowing for a copper debugger/assembler etc
  • Added single byte peek/pokes to extension interface for simpler access
  • OpenTK upgraded to v3.3.2, any newer version won't install as it's incompatible with .NET frameworks
  • Added initial open source Copper disassembler/viewer - "ctrl+altc" to open
  • Open source extensions added to Github


Hendrikk said...

Thank you for new version

Luzie said...

Are there changes on the keyboard handling? I´m on Windows, copied #CSpect V2.15.0 over well working V2.14.08 an keys on´t work anymore after booting into SpecNext Menu. Tried F10-Toogle, but keys still don´t work. Will try to install latest .NET-Update.

Luzie said...

...maybe has to do with this change?!: "OpenTK upgraded to v3.3.2, any newer version won't install as it's incompatible with .NET frameworks"

48K said...

Hi Mike, Thanks for your CSpect development - it is a fantastic tool!

I just came across what appears to be a bug. Using REG18 (hex 12) to set the LAYER 2 BANK pointer, any value >63 wraps back to 0.

It looks like an inadvertent &63 is being applied. As such, it means only the bottom 1 MB of RAM appear to be accessible as display sources for Layer 2. On Facebook page Simon N Goodwin indicated that this works fine on real 2MB hardware and might be related to an old issue with L2 accessing the upper 1 MB of RAM. I'm hoping you can fix it when you get a chance!


Best, Matt

PJ said...


I downloaded the new version of CSpect and when I try and it run windows 10 security complains about CSpect.exe having potentially unwanted behaviour. The details it gives are
Alert level:Low
Status: Active
Category: Potentially unwanted software
Affected items:

I presume windows security is being over zealous but before I permit it I thought best to ask if this is a known thing and its okay to run?

BTW CSpect is brilliant. I'm using it to develop a game for the Next and it works fantastic