Monday, July 15, 2019

#CSpect V2.9.2

Minor update and fixes. I have also added the parallax scrolling demo I've written as a little demo...

#CSpect V2.9.2 changes
  • Added sprite clipping in over border mode (1 = enabled) (bit 5 of reg $15)
  • Composite/Unified mode visibility flag fixed
  • Parallax scrolling demo (and .BAT file to run it) added to CSpect distro.

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Intrepidis said...

Hi Mike. Thanks for another great release.

Bug report: Ever since changing the screen size from HDMI scale to full VGA support, the F1 debugger's mini display has the bottom border cut off, and the bottom of the entire debugger screen has a black border.

It makes sense why, of course, the size of the debugger windows haven't actually changed. Hopefully I'm being helpful.