Sunday, April 28, 2019

#CSpect V2.7.0

This version has a fix to Timex High res colours - and border, and also has the first test of the built in UART/Wifi adaptor emulator. It's still missing lots of stuff, but for now WILL let you play with NXtel without any hardware for your next or pc. It has been included in the archive along with a batch file to get you going. Be warned, it's very much an initial test!
Hardware UART is still supported via the -com command-line (see readme)

#CSpect V2.7.0 changes

  • Fixed Timex Hires mode when using ULANext
  • Fixed Timex Hires border colour
  • Removed debug text output
  • Initial WiFi/UART support added.
  • NXtel.nex added to archive - see weblink above for the latest versions.


Thomas Sturm said...

Hi MIke - is it possible that the snasm in this latest zip is older than the one in 2.5? Purely going by file date here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ah! It's for Windows! I was hoping this would be available for Linux too.

DaSmog said...

It's C# it should run on Linux with mono