Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tick tock....

Been a little bit since I did an update, so here goes. I've been busy playing games (of all things) so haven't done as much as I should have, but I am still making slow progress on RetroEdit. I picked an older game called The Witchers, a very pretty RPG. Now I'm not a huge RPG fan, but I do love games like Diablo which have small amounts of RPG goodness in them, and this is in a similar vain, so I've been having great fun with it. Theres a little too much running around, but it's pretty good fun all the same.

Anyway... I've added inserting, deleting and cloning of frames which means we are almost at a usable state, but before I get to use it I still need to add colour picking and project loading and saving. I've decided to use the good old IFF to store all my data as it means I can add new features without losing too much data if I ever need to upgrade. So I'm writing (another) IFF file processor that lets me load/save IFF files easily, and putting it in the RetroBitmap control which allows others access to it if they like.

Once I have these 4 things added (and it all going well it shouldn't take too long), I'll try and get Luca to test it - although he's been in hiding reciently, but if he resurfaces he can take it for a spin and we can get on with some real features instead of the core editing stuff.

I did start looking at Onion Skining, and its a little more complex than I wanted as the retro bitmap control would need multiple sets of data to render it itself. This means I need to add a fairly large command that can render any format the control can and then return the image for Onion Skining. It's a little bit of a fudge, but oh well...

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Anonymous said...

Did you mean "The Witcher"? I've tried to google up "The Witchers" and got "Did you mean "The Witches"?".

If it's Witcher - the game seems to be something epic - so much information, screenshots and high rates in reviews - i think i'm gonna check it out!