Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New bits!

My new bits have arrived at last! So I can finally get started on rebuilding my shattered life...err..PC. The motherboard looks pretty good and actually has 4 DIMM slots, not the 2 I thought it had (the picture was pretty small), this means I could go up to 8Gigs of RAM if I want to (thanks to Vista64).

However...first things first. Build and reinstall is the job for tonight, if I get a chance - hope so. I'm gonna go and buy another 1Tb drive though so i can cut down on all the smaller drives I keep having to put it. My old primary was 160Gb, then I had a 240Gb and a 500Gb. So sod that, time to clean up and just get 2 1Tb drives. They're getting pretty cheap now, ebuyer actually had an external 1Tb for only £85(ish). This'll make life much easier and I'm beginning to get retro withdrawal!

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