Thursday, September 04, 2008

Go faster stripes....

I've been struggling with replacing the rich text box for a while and almost everything I've tried was much slower, even though I know I could plot those bloody pixels myself quicker that windows ever could. I've tried several things but I've finally gotten a normal windows form to draw without flickering like a bugger and fast enough to be - well, actually usable.

I'm now rendering the dissassembly window using a large bitmap that I create each Paint (although I'll probably change that to be a little more optimal later). Still, at least I can do pretty much anything I want now without having to worry about it. The update is pretty good to - much quicker than the RichTextBox. So, I'll continue to progress with this and clean up the code as its been hacked around quite a bit in the last week.

After that I really need to address the registers as they have to be created, updated and process by the plugin.

So...progress at LAST! I'm now into the middle third of the project, and this is where things seem to move at a crawl and will never get finished. However, I'm now getting things moving again and I hope it picks up pace and I can actually release it to everyone to play with. I really do hope it'll help change development and make emulators a better platform to write on, not to mention making it easier to test on real hardware.


Anonymous said...

My name is Daniel Vardi and I work as Multimedia Director for EXA MULTIMEDIA, in Brazil. I´m trying to find Lemmings creator to publish a comics in Brazil and reapresent the licensing in Brazil

Are you the creator? Are you interested?


Mike said...


The rights to all things Lemmings resides with Sony Computer Entertainment ( They own everything to do with the game and characters so I recomend you get in touch with them.

Good luck! It would be good to see more with Lemmings in it.