Friday, September 19, 2008

Alive and kickin'

Well, I appear to be back in the world of the living again. I finally had to take a couple of days off to try and kick this cold and it appears to have worked, so after a reasonably lazy couple of days I'm finally sitting in front of my machine again looking back at the debugger.

When I started this I thought it would be a reasonably small job, and one I could quickly do and get it out there so I could progress with more interesting things, but alas... this was not to be. It's turning into yet another mamoth task, and one thats eating up yet more of my limited free time. Sure, once its all working things will be great! But that still looks like being a long way off for now. I may have to scale my initial release back a little so I can at least release something and not have this as yet another project that never seems to appear.

What I'll probably do is finish the Plus4 debugging so that its pretty good to use, and then do the emulator (TCP/IP) stub for everyone else, then release that. I know I wanted to get the C64 version done first, but that will take ages, and since it requires a real machine hooked up, I can only do it in my work room at home. Once I get TCP/IP support for emulators, I can carry on doing debugging features using my laptop anywhere I like using Minus4 (or my C64/Spectrum emultor for that matter).

I gave Russell my spectrum emulator and he's be rewriting it in C# with the idea of playing with Silverlight, but this means he's doing a Z80 debugger and will use the plug in interface to support his emuator.

So....thats where we are just now, lets hope I can kick things up a gear and do some actual work! Of course...I go away on holiday to Florida in two weeks, so that's gonna get in the way, although I've bought an extra battery for my laptop, so hope to do some stuff on the plane there.

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