Thursday, August 09, 2007

SigGraph 2007, Day 5....

So, almost done.... Just a couple of hours left really, and then off to the shops. The show goes onto 6pm tonight, but theres nothing I really want to see after 3:30, so I'm gonna go do some last minute shopping.

Im in a Spore demo just nowm and it does look very polished, but at the end of the day, it does just look like a populous (or god sim) game. So for all their bluster they haven't really added much "game" stuff.

The problem with being at a graphics confrence, is I now want to go home and write raytracers and model some stuff in lightwave! Oh well.....Im sure this urge won't last.


kerm1t said...

your siggraph report reminds me, wanting to be there next year, too ;-)

Mike said...

Well, athough the piccys make it seem really nice; and its good fun in its own way, Its very hard going. A whole week in a dark room listening to lectures is pretty touch, particually when they turn out to be pants.

It was pretty good this year all in, we came away with some good ideas which was the reason for going in the 1st place.

Its only at night we get out to play, and what with jetlag and all, we're usually too pooped to do much.

Its also pretty pricy if your paying for yourself.

Still... overall, its good fun - just not easy.