Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Clockports, RR-Net's, SilverSurfer's.....

I just bought a RR-Net and SilverSurfer and have been playing with them a little, and I'm pretty impressed I have to say! Since both these products are modules that just "plug-in", they would work just fine on a Plus/4, and all you need is to be able to map the port into a set of hardware registers - a GAL would work just fine for that! You can do it pretty simply with a couple of other chips, but GAL's are really cheap, and make development really easy, so sod it :)

Anyways.... TNT kindly provided me with a link to the data, so I thought I'd post it here (so I dont lose it mainly...).


GND | 1| 2| VCC (+5V)
/INT | 3| 4| /SPARE_CS
/RTC_CS | 5| 6| /PWR_BAD
/IORD | 7| 8| /IOWR
A3 | 9|10| A2
A1 |11|12| A0
D7 |13|14| D6
D5 |15|16| D4
D3 |17|18| D2
D1 |19|20| D0
GND |21|22| /RESET

Connection to C64 Expansion Port

Clock Port Signal | Expansion Port Signal
GND <=> GND (22 and Z, not 1 and A)
VCC <=> +5V (2 and 3)
/INT <=> /NMI
A0-A3 <=> A0-A3
D0-D7 <=> D0-D7

This should be really easy, and although you won't get NMI's, things like RR-NET don't use them anyway, and you can always POLL the hardware instead - pretty neat. I might even try and add it to my RAM expansion, as I need to decode other stuff there anyway.

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