Tuesday, April 17, 2007

XeO3: 29,000 feet up!!

I managed to do a couple of hours work on the flight over here, and with all that work I only managed to find found 1 nasty bug, and 1 very minor one.... seems like a lot of effort for that! I still havent found the major but, although this one "could" have caused it as it was writing to rubbish locations. I discovered a random memory overwrite and this bug could have made it, but Im not sure as it was no wher near the sprite system, and I was almost certain it was in there.

This bug was pretty simple and was just a matter of the player ship graphic not being reset after the death sequance, which meant it was trying to render a random graphic outwith the 167 sprites, and since they are now all done with sprite lookups, it was reading a doggy address. So one done, and I'm sure one still to go.....

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