Friday, June 09, 2023

#CSpect V2.19.4.3

#CSpect V2.19.4.3 changes

Fixing up some audio issues, and a crash.
  • Reverted the ZIP file detection to fix SDCard access.
  • Updated some demos to fix keyboard reading equates

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Andrew Seed said...

Taking a screenshot whilst in the debugger view you only get a blue image

Andrew Seed said...

Having a weird problem with the latest version of cspect ( not tested with previous versions )
The original x,y are x 0 to 255 and y 0 to 200 which causes some nice attribute problems
so i halved all the values so no value will be larger than 127. I was noticing some lines outside this region so I put a check in to btst 7 of d ( an number greater that 127 ) and bung a break ( db $dd,01) to trap any illegal values but its failing occasionally with numbers less than 127. If i rewind with shift F7 to the dodgy btst instruction it now works.