Thursday, March 02, 2023


#CSpect V2.19.2.0 changes

Minor update, fixing some issues with the large rendering change, and adding super useful debugger command macros.
  • Added new debugger command "LOAD <filename>,<address>[,length]" where address can also be ""<bank>:<offset>""
  • Copper writes fixed up, wasn't executing all CPU TStates, so going slower than it should have been.
  • Updated screen drawing to be later in the line, to account for left border better.
  • Added a little Time base correction when audio/video buffers overflow instead of just throwing the spare frames away.
  • AY chips now respect the ABC,ACB and mono selection for each chip.
  • Added 2 new iCSpect.GetGlobal() calls; ""eGlobal.low_rom"" and ""eGlobal.high_rom"" to return the ROM/RAM at the low/high position
  • Added LoadFile() to iCSpect to load a file from SD card or relative file mmc path.

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