Monday, January 02, 2023

#CSpect 2.18.0

#CSpect V2.18.0 changes

Major update as we now support Mode 6 and Mode 7, complete with the fancy blending they can do, and all the tile to sprite weirdness.
  • Mode 6 and 7 added in all it's ULA/Tile ordering weirdness. "(U|T) S (T|U) L" ordering
  • Mode 6 blending added (B+L)
  • Mode 7 blending added (B+L-5)
  • multiface is now paged out on RETN
  • Fixed a couple of RETN's that were marked as RETI's
  • Added the Mode 6 and 7 blend mode (and fiddling) test/demo + source

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