Thursday, November 19, 2020

#CSpect V2.12.38

#CSpect V2.12.38 changes

Minor changes and fixes...
  • Added NextRegs $2C and $2E (DAC mirrors)
  • DMA read flags (Bit 5 and Bit 1) added and fixed.
  • Added "_" to BASIC key detection
  • I "think" I've fixed the stuck BASIC mode keys (where : just gets stuck and repeats....)
  • Added OpenAL32.dll to the zip.... turns out that's allowed.
  • on loading of a NEX file, NextRegs are set to what the OS NexLoad sets
  • 32bit mode should work this theory


Unknown said...

Thanks very much Mike?! - Tony Dang

Unknown said...

My McAfee is saying there's a trojan in Cspect exe file inside hm.... maybe better to think about some more secure way to distribute? I'll look for one of the previous versions in the mean time..

Anthony said...

Thanks for the update.

btw Windows is now also saying there is a virus and deletes it automatically.

If there is an embedded executable - or it extracts something, then one of my programs did the same recently. It was because when extracting I had cope that created the file with shared read/write. When scanning the program, Windows must have detected this as a signature and made a false positive.