Monday, January 06, 2020

#CSpect V2.12.5

Fixed plugin loading. This was due to the new loading/reset system that was nuking loaded plugin mappings.
I've also added a "Tick" to the plugin interface which gets called once per emulated frame, along with a debugger call which allows you to tell CSpect to enter the debugger. This is handy if you need to debug the operation that "just" happened.
Lastly... I've included a very simple plugin example, along with the interface .CS files to look at.

#CSpect V2.12.4 changes
  • Border now comes from fallback colour if paper/ink mode is 255 (as per hardware)
  • Fixed Plugin loading. Was broken due to new system loading+resetting.
  • Added new "Tick" to iPlugin interface, called once per emulated frame
  • Added Debugger() call to CSpect interface, allowing you to enter the debugger from the emulator
  • Added Plugin example (and current interface)


Maziac said...

I tried the Spec 2.12.5. The crash with the plugin on macOS is gone now.
But still the plugin Write/Read routines are not called when accessing the UART.

For the new Tick command:
What is an emulated frame? I.e. when is it called?

Anonymous said...

As an FYI, windows defender is tripping up saying this version is a trojan. Probably hitting a false positive but just so you are aware.