Thursday, June 13, 2019

#CSpect 2.8.1

This version has a special ZXBASIC keyboard mode, mapping your PC keyboard to the Next. This should make writing programs in BASIC much simpler - and more enjoyable. You can either enable this via the command line "-basickeys" or by pressing F10 to toggle that mode. This mode will press multiple keys so it's important to remember when playing a game that the control keys won't just map 5,6,7 and 8 but also SHIFT, so you may need to toggle back and forth.

#CSpect V2.8.1 changes
  • Fixed a crash in SD Card writing.
  • Added -sd2= for attaching a second SD card
  • Added a special ZXBASIC keyboard mode, meaning it'll auto map keys to the spectrum version. (" will map to SYM+P for example)
  • Added PageUp, PageDown, Home & End to ZXBASIC keyboard mode.
  • F10 will toggle between game and ZXBASIC keyboard mode
  • Fixed a bug when setting the sprite index via NextReg and top bit was set, the shap wasn't being offset by $80
  • Added OpenAL install check for windows, if not found sound is disabled. use -sound to bypass check/error dialog

Reminder that you can now download pre-created SD cards, along with blank ones (which you can now attach to the second card port via

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