Thursday, July 05, 2018

CSpect 1.13

CSpect changes
  • Kempston joystick emulation added using Direct Input. All controllers map to a single port, port $001F = 0FUDLR
  • Fixed CPU on WRITE and on READ breakpoints
  • -port1f command line removed
  • .NEX format now leaves IRQs enabled
  • Removed some of the old opcodes from the debugger
  • Removed MIRROR DE
  • Fixed memory contention disable (so now tested!)


Anonymous said...

Widescreen demo still not working, eh.

Paul Robson said...

Hi Mike. Nice software.

A couple of things (1.13)

If there's no carriage return on the final line of the source file the assembler doesn't pick that line up.

The syntax for add/adc/sub/sbc/and/or/xor/cmp doesn't seem consistent with the standards regarding whether there's an a, there or not.

CSpect.exe won't work if the .sna is in a different directory e.g.
in layer2 directory ..\cspect.eze -zxnext layer2.sna works
in home directory cspect.exe -zxnext layer2\layer2.sna doesn't (it does work if you load it via F2)

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