Tuesday, November 14, 2006

XeO3: Mr. Ted Sound

The current poll on plus/4 world showing that only 28% of users have a SID card has forced me to include the TED frequancy convertor MConv. This unfortunatly steals yet another 1024 bytes leaving me with only 3k in the main code block. I spent last night disassembling it and typing it back in so that I have a source version and can relocate it all easily. Once it's fully working I'll let Luca upload it back onto Plus/4 world so everyone can get some use from it. It makes it very simple to relocate, change the SID base address and basiclly fiddle with the code. I'll also be able to shrink it very slightly since there were a few NOP's and the like due to it being written in the monitor. Having done a full game like that, I can appreciate the problems involved....

Once this is working, I'll get back to the sprite cache and finish that off, and then hit the weapon system I think.

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