Sunday, May 21, 2006

Google me this....

I've been playing with Google earth and Sketchup, and boy does it have issues. I mean, its nice being able to build your house and put it in google earth and all, but theres so many limitations to the editor that you just dont get with a normal 3D package. Initially, you think its much easier than a real 3D package, but as you get into an edit, you start to realise all the tools that have been removed, are actually ones you need. Its also dog slow, and I'm not really sure why. Being a games coder, Im used to throwing around 100,000's of polys, yet google earth stutters as it draws a few hundred. No idea why, particually since they do draw lots when you switch on buildings in New York. The comunity's seems a bit too wide spread as well, although they do have a good age spread. My father-in-law loves it for example, but I know that no one aisde from an artist could actually use sketchup. Oh well, I guess it might get better in time but there are still problems that the concept of using sketchup gives. But when you have almost infinite money, I guess those can be fixed too.

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