Friday, April 28, 2017

Hacking ZX Spectrum Manic Miner

So I was playing around with the original Manic Miner game, using a ZX Spectrum .SNA snap shot file (so an actual memory image), and while extracting levels etc. I also extracted graphics - which were obviously included as well.

For the record, I didn't reverse engineer all this, I just used one of the many pages out there describing it.  ( )

But it also occurred to me that it might be nice to have these graphics readily available for folk to play with, it would certainly have been handy when I was doing my remake a few months ago! So here's what I've extracted....

So, this is the baddies that come with each level, the items (1 per level), the 8 tiles (left to right per level) in colour, and in B/W, and then Miner Willy himself. There are several "special" baddies, and if I extract them I'll add them here as well.

I might see if I can go and grab the Z Spectrum font from the ROM, because I couldn't find it as a simple strip at the original size.

I'll just mention the sprites move through the graphic, so the animation frame and X position is usually....

frame = 3-((x>>1)&3);
draw_xpos = (*x&0xfffffff8)


ZX Spectrum 8x8 pixel Font


Unknown said...

very good work my friend!! nice site, ty for all this retro thing!!

kind kind regards!!

Steve Wetherill said...

Nice blog. :)

Also, vertical baddies take the full 16 pixel width since they don't need to move horizontally.